Five medicinal remedies that you can make with the surplus of your marijuana crop


Medicinal oil to fight pain and improve mood
The medicinal cannabis oil, made from a concentrate of marijuana resin, is a very efficient product to treat all types of pain, thanks to the fact that it contains a high amount of CBD . This cannabinoid activates receptors of our body, called CB2, whose function is to inhibit pain and regulate inflammation, and therefore, when turned on reduce the pain we feel. Obviously, it is also a very rich product in THC, the main cannabinoid and euphoric active ingredient of the plant, which taken in the reduced doses of medicinal marijuana oil, causes improvements in mood and an effect of well-being.

To prepare this cannabis oil, it is advisable to use varieties with a high THC content; Indicate, with a good percentage of CBD, such as the Critical Chesse seed or the Bubba Kush variety for those who prefer the repairing physical effects of medical marijuana in their oil. And, Sativas, rich in THC, like the Original Amnesia seed or the Strawberry Haze for those who seek the positive effect in the spirit that gives the main alkaloid of the plant.

Preparing marijuana oil is extremely easy and has dozens of medicinal qualities

What is it for?
Cannabis medicinal oil helps mitigate pains in the body, has an anti-inflammatory action and reduces blood pressure thanks, to a large extent, to the sedative effects of the alkaloid known as CBD. It also improves mood, stimulates appetite, helps skin regeneration, reduces intraocular pressure and reduces epileptic seizures, among many other applications, thanks to the action of THC and the other cannabinoids contained in the plant.

How to do it?
A pure extract of marijuana resin should be prepared, stirring for ten minutes a couple of dozens of buds and plenty of manicured leaves in a jar of ethyl alcohol. Thus, all the resin of the buds will dissolve in the liquid, which we must isolate from the vegetable matter, using for example a coffee paper filter. Then, we will leave the mixture of alcohol and pure resin for five days to dry or more, until we see that the alcohol has evaporated and there is only a blackish oil, which will be the almost pure resin extract. With this method and quantities, we will obtain a couple of grams of pure resin that we will mix with twenty times its weight in vegetable oil, stirring until the mixture is homogeneous.

Analgesic creams to relieve muscle and joint damage
We can also take advantage of the remains of the harvest to include in our kit an efficient homemade cream to alleviate muscle aches and joint aches. This ointment has a localized ‘hot’ effect that relaxes the muscles and reduces discomfort in the cartilage. Its action is very effective in painful areas because the body absorbs cannabinoids through the skin, and these act in a focused manner in the area where we extend the ointment.

To make it, it would be great if you had planted varieties with a high CBD content, such as the Critical Mass CBD or the Shark Shock CBD variety , designed for that purpose. If they are not among the plants of our crop, we can use other varieties perfectly: there are not many pains that can escape an ointment made from a good seed of OG Kush or a demolishing Moby Dick.

A good speck ointment, always has a soft green color and a creamy consistency

What is it for?
To treat muscular pains, inflammations and rheumatic problems very efficiently thanks to its localized action. It is very useful, also, as a complementary treatment for burns and cuts as it inhibits pain, protects from infections and promotes the process of skin regeneration. Its use is recommended for a large number of common skin problems such as boils and abscesses, dermatitis, cold sores …

How to do it?
You have to stir in the water bath, for two to four hours (no longer very high temperatures, since the cannabinoids are degraded by the effect of heat) a couple of dozens of unattractive buds and abundant manicured leaf, in a solution of one liter of water for half the oil. Afterwards, you should freeze the liquid that you draw when you drain this brew and put it to freeze until the oil solidifies and separates from the water. To this petrified oil, the cannabinoids will have adhered, and it will only be necessary to join it in a boiling pot with fifty grams of beeswax and let it rest until it adopts a homogeneous and consistent texture.

Mote homemade soap to regenerate your skin
The soap made from cannabis is another of the homemade products that we can make in an artisanal way to take advantage of the less attractive buds of the harvest and the manicured leaves. Not only is it an efficient tool to clean and disinfect the skin, but thanks to its high content of vitamin E, from cannabis, it helps fight free radicals and therefore, increases the regeneration of the skin. Its continuous use ensures a clean and smooth skin thanks to the Omega 3 and 6 fats that the herb contains, and that exert a hydrating function of the epidermis.

Marijuana soap is a practical remedy for day to day and useful for the health of your skin

What is it for?
It is recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies because its properties prevent fungi and regulate the pH of the skin. Thanks to its high level of vitamin E, it is very efficient to combat dry or cracked skin, dandruff, hives and mild skin rashes.

How to do it?
You have to put 5 kilos of coconut butter in a 35ยบ container, while at the same time dissolve 670 grams of caustic soda at the same temperature. Then, you have to put them together and remove them for two hours. In that time, we will be adding 670 grams of oatmeal to the mixture, 25 grams of hemp flour, and 50 ml of marijuana oil. When this potion seems homogeneous, pour it into a mold and let it rest for a whole day, then uncover it, let it dry for half a day, and cut it into small blocks that we will “cure” for 3 or 4 weeks.


Cannabis poultices are a traditional remedy, lost for political reasons.

What are they for?
It is a very effective treatment against skin lesions because the skin very quickly absorbs the cannabinoids of marijuana and these get quickly enter the cells of our body, carrying out its repairing action. The sedative potential of marijuana inhibits the pain of wounds, while other components such as vitamin E favor the regeneration of the epidermis.

How to do it?
To make them, you have to put the maximum amount of leaves of manicured and some rest of buds, that fit us inside gauzes or cotton fabrics that are very hot and humid. The vegetal matter has to be on the internal back of the dressing, which we will apply, and we will stick to the area that we want to treat.

Root tea to treat the organism from within
Recent studies have shown that the roots of marijuana also contain cannabinoids, especially CBD, which makes them another part of the plant that can be used for medicinal purposes. Something that is done in Chinese medicine for almost 4,000 years, when the systematizer of his traditional medicine, Emperor Shen Nung, included its use in his famous book of medicine Pent Sao, one of the oldest medical treatises known .

The medicinal properties of roots are still to be discovered in the West

What is it for?
Chinese medicine has been using them for more than 4,000 years as a diuretic, to treat asthma, respiratory obstructions, internal hemorrhages and pains of menstruation. As well as to mitigate the pains of the surgery of the internal organs.

How to do it?
To prepare the tea from roots, it is necessary to clean them thoroughly, cut them and grind them until they acquire the consistency of a powder. Then let them dry until they have lost all moisture and boil a small portion of the remaining powder – similar to the dose of a normal tea – in a liter of water. It can not be done with plants that have been fertilized with chemical fertilizers or nutrients since these substances can affect our system and their use must be sporadic to treat a disease; you can not abuse it, because in large doses – for example, if we take it every day – it could become harmful to the blood.